About Us

The history of this accounting firm stretches back several decades and the firm is headed by our Principal, Domenic Tempone (CPA, B.Bus.).

As you can tell from our website, we are not your average firm of CPA's who just keep the score for our business clients. We are proud to be different and while most suburban accounting firms in Melbourne view the preparation of the tax return as the end of the client process, we see it as the beginning.

For more than 20 years we have been servicing the taxation and financial needs of small business owners and have earned a reputation as taxation specialists. However, we also provide clients with business development, strategic planning, marketing and profit improvement strategies because part of our client brief is to help you grow your business, your profits and your wealth.

We have evolved to become a full financial services firm and now offer you business coaching, financial planning and advice regarding asset protection, marketing, websites and succession planning. In fact, o ur marketing expertise is one of our major points of difference compared to other accounting firms in Melbourne. We offer cost effective marketing services around your branding, website, social media campaigns and digital publishing. We recognise that marketing can be the difference between gloom and boom which is why we also offer our business clients some incredibly valuable tools including:

The Business Growth System - one ofthe world’s most successful marketing programs that contains more than 80 breakthrough marketing strategies supported by videos, templates, checklists and 2,500 pages of instructions. Access to this ‘vault’ of resources would normally cost $500 per month, however, as a client of the firm you get unlimited FREE access.

The Grow Your Business in 5 Days video training course contains 12 instructional videos that are delivered to new clients over 5 days. The videos are relatively simple and focus on key strategies on how to win more customers, how to retain them for longer and increase the value of each sale. These resources could have a massive impact on your future business growth and new clients get immediate and free access to over $7,000 of marketing resources the moment they join the firm.

Our dedicated team of professionals pride themselves on delivering high quality accounting, management, taxation and financial advice. We endeavour to help you build, manage and protect your wealth and while our staff have changed over the past two decades, our commitment to results has not changed.

If you're looking for more than just a 'number cruncher' to help you take your business to the next level, contact us today.

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