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As you would expect, as a suburban accounting firm we are very skilled in preparing financial statements, tax returns and cash flow budgets for our clients. However, our focus is ambitious business owners who want more than just compliance services from their accountant.

Our website is a great advertisement for our business and highlights our marketing skills. It is these services and strategies designed to grow your revenue, your profits and your personal wealth that distinguish us from other accounting firms in Melbourne.

If you need assistance with your branding, website, search engine optimization, video production or social media campaigns we are just a click away.

But why do we offer those services?

Well, experience tells us that your marketing could be the difference between boom and gloom and your website is often the first touch point with a potential new customer. They will pass judgement on your business in seconds based on their online experience and you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

An amateurish website (or no website at all) is a ‘customer killer’ and the internet is full of websites that are really nothing more than just online brochures that list the who, what and where of a business.

While many business owners view their website as an expense, our clients view them as an investment. Their competitors believe the primary purpose of a website is to have an online presence while our clients believe their website exists to generate new leads and new customers. Our message to clients is if your current website isn't generating leads for your business, then you've got the wrong website and it could be time for a makeover or rebuild. Over the past few years we have worked with dozens of clients and website developers to create affordable, quality websites that are designed to generate more traffic and more new business.

If you haven't already downloaded our e-Book, The 1 Simple Secret to Growing Your Business' you can download it for free on the right hand side of this page. It details our 'winning website formula' that we use when helping our clients build their lead generation websites and covers things like lead magnets, calls to action and the need for videos and social proof.

We are proud to be different and our mission is to fast track your business success using breakthrough marketing strategies supported by cutting edge tools and technology. If you aren’t aware of these tools and channels to promote your business then your business will probably never reach its full profit potential. We will help you cut the cost of compliance so together we can spend more time working ON your business and your marketing to give you a serious competitive edge in your industry.

We understand that business owners like you want more sales, more customers and more profit so we also give you access to one of the world’s most successful marketing programs, the ‘Business Growth System’. It contains more than 80 breakthrough marketing strategies supported by videos, templates, checklists and 2,500 pages of instructions. Access to this ‘vault’ of resources would normally cost you $500 per month, however, as a client of the firm you get unlimited FREE access. In addition, you also get access to the ‘Grow Your Business in 5 Days’ video training course that could have a massive impact on your future business growth. That's over $7,000 of valuable marketing tools you automatically receive when you come on board as a client with us.

Personal service is a 'given' and if you're looking for a lot more than just basic accounting and tax compliance services from your accountant call one of our pro-active and passionate team members today on (07) 3371 5544. We invite you to book a FREE, one hour introductory consultation to discuss your business needs. You can expect practical business, tax, marketing and financial advice designed to help you build your business and grow your wealth. To book a time, contact us today or complete your details in the box at the top of this page.

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